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Old School Seals

Old School Seals specializes in all things wax seals. They offer custom peel-n-stick seals, wax stamps, sealing wax, and wax-related accessories. They also create custom jewelry. When owner, Kim Ellenz came to us she was in desperate need of a functional website, that showcased the quality and beauty of her work. As a business that serves premier clients from LA to New York, she needed an online makeover, and that's exactly what we did. 


Personalize Your Content

One of the great aspects of the Old School Seals web design project was that we were able to start completely from scratch, which meant we could personalize and customize every piece of photography. What better way to build a relationship and bond with your audience than to visually tell your story. And when you're a family-owned business that's a great story to tell. From the Home page to the About page, every piece of content was shot for a specific purpose. 


Beauty & Functionality

When designing a website it is important to keep in mind your customer, why they are there, and the action you want them to take. Whether that is purchasing a product, making an appointment, or simply searching specific information, the user should be able to easily navigate the site and find what they are looking for. Your website should be intuitive and purposeful, and when it comes to e-commerce this is especially important.

This is where we got down to the nitty-gritty with Old School Seals. We started by researching and learning more about the wax seal industry and the products OSS offered. We then created a sitemap and wireframe based on a buyer's journey from beginning to checkout.


Showcase Your Product

When your business operates, at least in part, by selling goods and services online it's important to have quality product photography. Good product photography can help capture the attention of potential clients and increase conversion rates. It can also tell a lot about your brand, show the quality of your products and services, and improve customer satisfaction by accurately portraying colors, textures, sizing, and more.

We worked with Old School Seals to develop a shot list and mood board to determine what the color palette and feel of the site would be, and then we went to work, photographing each product category in its entirety. 

Are you Ready?

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