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Meet the Eberles

Hi! We're the Eberles, thanks for stopping by.

We're a husband and wife duo who had a crazy idea, back in 2015, to start a business together. 

After moving for various work-related opportunities, and living in 5 states within our first 4 years of marriage, we finally decided to make Kansas a permanent home to raise our family. ​

Before moving back, Cole worked for multiple publications, including the LA Times, Sports Illustrated, Outdoor Life, Associated Press, and Colorado Springs Gazette. And then one day we decided, what the heck let's open a photography studio in Cawker City, KS population, of less than 500. 

8 years later...we're still married (if you've ever worked with your spouse you know ha)...and we're still in business! We have 3 amazing children and are blessed to be where we are, loving the rural lifestyle and all it has to offer! 

Although we still offer limited portrait photography, today a majority of our time is spent helping rural communities, businesses, and organizations visually represent themselves and effectively tell their stories. 

We hope that you'll take a look around and if you like what you see, give us a call! 

Welcome to the Studio

By 2021 we had outgrown our old studio. So we moved 1 block to the east, put up a new building, and ta-da Eberle Studios 2.0!

Welcome to the Studio

By 2021 we were busting at the seams and needed a new space. So we moved 1 block to the east, put up a new building, and ta-da Eberle Studios 2.0. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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