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Sage Schwerman

Oh senior portrait season. Undoubtably our favorite, yet most chaotic time of the year. Despite careful planning, early bookings and thoughtful scheduling we always seem to run around like chickens with our heads cut off from June until October. Then November rolls around and we finally sit back and reflect on all the wonderful young adults we've had the privilege to meet. We are grateful (and admittedly a little biased) to truly have the best seniors clients year after year.

The 2020 senior season has proven to be no different. The studio kicked off July with Sage Schwerman and what a way to start! Sage set the tone for what has become one of our best senior seasons yet!

We absolutely loved having her and her dog Max (who I'm told is very popular) in the studio. And although Max didn't make it into every shot, he did enjoy his 5 minutes of fame along with almost an entire bag of dog treats.

Sage was a joy to photograph. Her beautiful smile and laid back personality are infectious! Congratulations on your senior year, we wish you all the best!

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