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Remington Stroede

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Guess who's going to be back in the studio in just a few short hours...that's's our girl Remi!

We're trading in that sun-kissed glow for cooler temperatures, fall golden hours and windblown hair (because it's Kansas and it's seriously windy out there today!)

We've been looking forward to Remi's fall session ever since we had the chance to photograph her this summer and I'm bummed to say I'll have to miss. But there's a 2-week old little peanut that's in need of some snuggles and the wind is just too much...even for a K'tan wrapped baby.

But I'm not worried. Cole has it covered and Remi's got it in the bag! I'm just looking forward to sneaking a peek at her session later this evening!

Thank you so much Remi for choosing us for your senior pictures, we absolutely loved having you!

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