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Meet Grace! The newest addition to Eberle Studios

Hello there! My name is Grace Grady and I am a senior at Lakeside High School. I have been raised in Downs, Kansas and my parents are Jenny and Kris Grady. I have a brother, Jack and a dog named Bo. My hobbies include playing sports, binge-watching TV shows, writing, and watching college volleyball.

For my last semester of High School, I was given the opportunity to do a part-time work-study for the afternoon portion of my school day. I chose Eberle Studios because of the friendly atmosphere, great reputation, and the fact that it will give me a great experience that I will be able to draw upon in my near future.

After I graduate, I plan on attending Kansas State University and majoring in Journalism, with a possible minor in Graphic Design. After college, my goal is to travel the United States covering stories over a wide variety of topics. I have always found an interest in photojournalism, photography, and design, and I’m excited to explore these interests at Eberle Studios.

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