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2020 Senior Model, Madison Kosse

A little change here and there can sometimes turn out to be a great thing!

For instance, one change (or rather addition) we made to this year's model program was to offer an exclusive wardrobe selection experience. Because let's be honest...what teenage girl doesn't like to shop?

At first, I was a little apprehensive not knowing how we would accomplish such a task. Do we bring clothes in or do they pick them out prior? Can we reflect everyone's style while keeping it cohesive? How do we coordinate schedules? What if something gets damaged...etc, etc.

You may be wondering how this applies to Madison, don't worry I'm getting there, but first I have to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to one of our favorite local businesses, Shoes ect. in Downs, KS. If you haven't been to Shoes etc. you should, or at least follow them on Facebook because they have something for everyone AND they ship :)

Working with Shoes etc. was a fantastic experience! Owner, Joni Heiland, and her team were amazing. Not only did they coordinate a shop day for our models, but they led us directly to 2020 Senior Model, Madison Kosse (told you I'd get there ha!) Madison's mom had been scrolling Facebook when she came across a shared post on the Shoes etc page promoting our senior model program. A few hours later Madison's model application came through our system and the rest is history!

We are so grateful to have partnered with Shoes etc. to provide stylish clothing options for all of our models, but most of all we are grateful that because of this little change to the model program we were able to have the opportunity to work with the beautiful Madison Kosse.

Thank you Shoes etc. for partnering with us.

Thank you Jamie Kosse for scrolling facebook

And most of all, thank you Madison for applying to the model program and selecting Eberle Studios for your senior pictures. It was a pleasure :)

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