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2020 Senior Model, Jerica Nopens

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

"A ray of sunshine, an infectious smile and a little pop of color" These are the exact words I used to describe the above image of Jerica Nopens all the way back on May, 29th, 2019 when I first previewed one of her pictures from our senior model shoot. Now, almost 9 months later, I'm looking through her personal shoot....preparing her blog post and thinking the same thing. She IS a ray of sunshine with an infectious smile and a colorful personality that can light up any room!

However, now that I've had the opportunity to get to know her a little better I would like to add a few additional adjectives to the list.

The first adjective I'm adding is WILD. Admittedly I stole this from her model application under the section where we asked the girls to list words/phrases that best describe themselves. I was searching and searching for the right word to elaborate on how fun she is to be around, and wild just seemed to fit. I toyed with the possibility of simply capitalizing FUN and adding an (!) which our 7-year-old will use when writing sentences and then always follows it up with yelling "INTENSE" However, I finally settled on wild because even (FUN!) doesn't do her justice. And with that I made up my own Jericanized definition of the it is:




1. (of the nopens species) fun, outgoing, vibrant. unforced natural ability to spread happiness

"Her wild personality is loved by all"

My second adjective is DETERMINED. I say determined with a little chuckle because seriously you should have seen my face when Jerica came in for her senior shoot with boxes (I'm talking boxes) of different outfits, accessories, name it, she had it. And let me just quickly preface for those of you who may not have worked with us in the past. We don't put a limit on the number of outfits, locations, poses, etc. We have suggestions as to how many outfits typically fit within a specified time frame and let me just say Jerica had 3x's what I would have suggested 😂 With all of that in mind, you should know we schedule our senior shoots in the evenings so that we can #1 utilize the best opportunities for outdoor lighting and #2 end the shoot at or around sundown. So with that being said, I allotted 2.5 hrs for this shoot and there was no going over because once the sun goes down it goes down. We lose the light and there is not much more we can do.

So going back to the word determined....I'm in full-on panic mode while trying to make it look like I've got it all together. I'm freaking out on the inside, taking mental notes of how to most efficiently move from scene to scene all while trying to convince Cole that it IS possible to fit 5 hrs worth of photography material into 2.5 hrs. The whole time Jerica is cool as a cucumber but totally determined to get it all in.

I am not joking...we set up and staged a backdrop of graphic band t's, tore it down. Set up a layer of vinyl records for her to lay on, tore it down. Changed outfits, photographed outfit #2. Changed to outfit #3, traveled to sunflower field...picture...picture...picture...traveled to an additional outdoor location to shoot with multiple smoke bombs. Changed to outfit #4 graduation cap and college tee. Changed to outfit #5 for sundown pics. Determination (and maybe the fact that she's super photogenic and easy to photograph) is the ONLY reason why we squeaked it out. Pose...nailed it...move on...Pose...nailed it...move on...Pose...nailed it...move on. Looking back on the shoot I totally commend her for having a vision and the determination to know she could nail it...and nail it quickly. In the end, her shoot turned out some of my favorite images of the summer.

My third and final adjective for Miss. Jerica Nopens is HARDWORKING.

Jerica currently works at Schoen's Bridal and Rumor Mill Bar & Grill and if that wasn't enough, the other day while scrolling Facebook I came across one of her posts announcing that she is currently creating her own line of Lip Glosses to earn extra money for college! My inner business geek was so excited to see her creating, selling and launching her own brand Wallflower Beauty.

So, of course, I have to give her a little plug 😊 The formula she created contains different oils that are great for the skin. They are moisturizing and of course, make your lips perfectly shiny. I went with the Delicate and Atomic colors 😍 Make sure to check her out on Instagram @wallflowerbeauty_ and get your lip gloss today!

So there it is. Jerica is a ray of sunshine with an infectious smile and a colorful personality that can light up any room. Her wild personality is loved by all. Her work ethic is admirable. And her determination....well it about put me into labor 🤣

But seriously...we are always, always blessed with the best seniors! So thank you!

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