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2020 Senior Model, Alexis Arasmith

Our 2021 Senior Model application drops on Monday and with that comes a whole new class of seniors, another model shoot and a brand new gallery at the studio. It's bittersweet to be saying goodbye to the class of 2020 while at the same time looking forward to our next group of models.

Our 2020 Models were amazing! It was the first year with an application and the first year with an exclusive shop day at Shoes Etc. We took on more models than we ever had before representing 5 different schools in two different states. We took a chance on the weather and planned for an all-day outdoor shoot on the southside of Waconda Lake. AND we got the opportunity to get to know and work with, 6 amazing young ladies who we can say with 100% certainty, we are proud to have as representatives for the studio!

It was my goal going into the year to publish short, little feature blog spots on each of our models. We wanted people to get to know them better and share our experiences at the same time. We highlighted words or phrases that stood out on their application, pointed out character traits that we admired, shared interesting facts about their future plans and even had the opportunity to promote a side-hustle business venture Jerica Nopens launched to earn extra cash for college.

And that brings us to Alexis, the last of our 2020 Models to be featured. Oh Alexis...what can I say

I can say she is full of life and her energy is contagious!

She is the sweetest person to ever respond to the question "what is your music of choice" with the answer "gangsta rap"

She is straight-up hilarious! When scheduling her session for September 21st (5 days before my due date) I said, "That's fine but I can't guarantee I will be there or that I won't go into labor during your shoot". To which she responded with, "Oh girlfriend, I've seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy. I'm pretty sure I could deliver your baby. You're not missing my shoot!"

Thankfully I did not go into labor during her session. 🤣However, we did get rained out when a huge storm rolled in. But in the end, it worked out perfectly. The storm clouds made for a great backdrop, it gave us a reason to schedule a makeup session AND she was the first shoot that not only Evie tagged along for.....but the whole darn Eberle crew ha! (Issac was being shy and didn't want to be in the photo)

Alexis epitomizes everything we look for when selecting our senior models. She is sociable, humorous, beautiful, kind, caring, lighthearted, compassionate and overall an amazing person. We loved the opportunity to work with her, and all of our 2020 girls!

Best of luck to ALL of our senior clients in ALL of your future endeavors. The class of 2020 was a great one and we are excited to see what the future holds for 2021

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